What is the Splitgrip?

The Split Grip Trainer revolutionizes training bats by offering three functionalities in one! Separating the hands increases barrel control, improves bat speed, and prevents rolling over at contact. Hold it traditionally for split grip training, choke up to the top knob with both hand for short bat work, or use with one hand for single-handed drills. The extended knob enhances understanding of the swing plane during these drills that require minimal coaching. Crafted from top-quality wood, this bat is suitable for all training methods including tee work, soft toss, and live batting practice, and machine work with real balls. Separating the hands increases barrel control, improves bat speed, and prevents rolling over at contact.

Separate yourself





multiply your training


Introducing The Split Grip Trainer! A Patent Pending handle designed by professional coaches to promote efficient movement patterns throughout the swing. 3 bats in 1! Split, Short Bat, One Hand. Two young entrepreneurs, Trevor & Cory lead the charge for Split and we can’t wait to have you on this journey with us!

Cory and Trevor met while playing on the Rockies Scout team in the fall of 2012. Being the only two catchers and the only players from southern Colorado, they spent a lot of time in the car driving to Denver for games and practices. After both of their collegiate careers came to an end, they got back in touch and started supporting each other’s businesses. After Trevor made a joke to Cory about a new training bat, they explored the world of splitting the grip during the swing. The rest is history!

Cory Voss is a former Division 1 All American who was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and the Washington Nationals. Currently, Voss is a professional baseball consultant and owns a training facility called The Baseball Mill in Pueblo, Colorado.

Trevor Goldberg played collegiate baseball and then directed an organization of 11 teams. Trevor has also been handcrafting wood bats since he was 15 years old and has owned Berg Bat Company ever since.